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Why Only Italian Wines?

With more than 2,000 grape varietals and 27,000 producers, Italy delivers some of the most
exciting wines in the world. A string of stellar vintages from 1995 to the 2010 vintage, has only
heightened the levels of quality and complexity realized by Italy's greatest enological gems. In
today's world, with so many wines arriving from across the Atlantic, Italy's offerings project a
distinctive style and class, all of their own.

The resistance to global trends by Italian wine makers seems to reflect the pride and prejudice
that lie behind the will to handcraft wines that are by nature unique and truly Italian. Of course
it is not normal enough to be unique in Italy with its unmatched number of native vines and its
intricate variations in topography and climate that combine with historical and cultural factors
to give each place its own native locale. That is why as you move up and down the country; you
can never be sure what sort of wine you will come across from one place to the next.

Italian wines unlike any other wines in the world, are produced to drink with family and friends
and more importantly to be enjoyed with food. Today we see this is still the case from Valle
d'Aosta in the mountains to Sardegna surrounded by the sea. Italians truly thrive on personal
contact, and they think very carefully about how everything at their table - the wine, the food, the
people, the place - fits together.

Sit back and enjoy a bottle or two of Italian wine with family friends and good food, for me it’s
when life makes the most sense.

Victor Rallo Jr.